The compassion and ingenuity of children never ceases to amaze us. You may have seen news report of this young British lad, Max, who has been camping out for almost two years raising money for the hospice that took care of his neighbor. His incredible effort is inspiring people across the world to join him on March 26th for Max’s Big Camp Out. Max is encouraging children (and adults) to join in and have their own camp out to raise money for their favorite charity.

Following Max’s lead, we are encouraging everyone in our community to participate and raise money for Anchors Programs for Children at Arbor Hospice and Hospice of Michigan. To make each child’s camp out memorable, registered participants will receive a link to participate in a variety of activities including story time, art projects and a sing-a-long!

If you have children, grandchildren or know anyone with children, please share this with them and ask them to participate.

To donate, please see below.

Learn how Max’s Big Camp Out started!


To make a gift by mail, click here to download and print a donation form.
Mail the completed form to:

Arbor Hospice
2366 Oak Valley Drive,
Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

To make a gift by phone, call 1-800-669-9335.