With the combined capabilities of NorthStar Palliative Care, Arbor Hospice, Anchors Programs for Children and Arbor Grief Support (we’re all part of the same extended family), we provide compassionate care and support during life’s final months … and beyond.

If you or a loved one need relief from symptoms and stress of serious illness – even as you’re receiving curative treatments – our NorthStar Palliative Care team (formerly Arbor Palliative Care) can help improve the quality of life for the entire family.

When a serious illness progresses into the final months of life, there’s still much more that Arbor Hospice can do to sustain comfort, help patients reach their goals, support the family and help make the time that remains its most meaningful.

In addition to other medical treatments, our hospice provides a variety of Integrative therapies to ease pain, soothe anxiety and maximize comfort. Each patient’s care plan is tailored in a holistic approach.
A child who is seriously ill has specialized needs, and so does their family. With a focus on maximizing the quality of life for every child in our care, we are privileged to offer a wide range of pediatric services – including emotional, spiritual and decision making support for the child, parents and siblings.

During a serious illness and loss of a loved one, each person copes with grief in a very personal and unique way. Arbor Grief Support offers a variety of expert support services to help explore, understand and express the grief that is exclusively yours. We also feature specialized grief support for children and teens.


The first of its kind in Michigan, the NorthStar Institute (formerly the Hospice of Michigan Institute) is the research and innovation arm of Hospice of Michigan and all the members of the NorthStar Care Community. Focused on improving quality of life for patients and families facing serious illness care at the local, state and national levels, the Institute is a source of groundbreaking research, education, and community outreach initiatives. The Institute also serves as a forum where healthcare experts can exchange ideas, collaborate, and explore new ways to improve care.