Complementary Therapies

In addition to other medical treatments, our hospice provides a variety of complementary therapies to ease pain, soothe anxiety and maximize comfort. Each patient’s care plan is tailored in a holistic approach. Complementary therapies include:

Music Therapy Program. Our music therapist uses music to address pain in patients of all ages. Research shows that music therapy reduces pain, anxiety and depression, while bringing about positive changes in mood.

Learn how a special music therapy visit brought music back to Gary

Skip to watch Gary’s harmonica performance during a music therapy visit

Massage Therapy Program. Our massage therapists provide comfort and relaxation with a gentle and compassionate touch. Massage therapy decreases emotional distress, anxiety, physical discomfort, nausea, and muscle and joint tension, while improving circulation.

Pet Visit Program. Studies have shown significant health benefits of using animals in patient care. Arbor Hospice offers a volunteer pet visit program to bring comfort to patients and families during serious illness and grief support.