Managing Physical Pain & Other Symptoms

When you’re in pain, it’s difficult to concentrate on anything else. It can hurt just as much emotionally to see someone you love experiencing pain.

The teams at Arbor Hospice and NorthStar Palliative Care are experts in relieving pain. Our skilled teams’ extensive knowledge of pain management allows them to balance pain relief with mental and physical alertness, enabling the best quality of life possible. We help you have control over the pain management plan to find the regimen that best meets your needs and goals.

Soothing Emotional & Spiritual Pain

Emotional and spiritual pain can be just as distressing as physical pain. Our expert teams include highly trained staff who assist patients and families in working through feelings of fear, depression, guilt, anger and other common emotions.

Our team also includes spiritual care advisors who help patients and families connect with their beliefs to find peace and meaning no matter what faith they practice. For those who do not practice a specific faith, our spiritual care advisors can help patients and families cope with the universal human experiences and needs that arise as life limiting illness progresses.

Integrative Therapies

Pain is much more than a physical ailment. Pain can be spiritual, psychological, emotional or physical, and each patient’s pain calls for a unique and individual management plan.

At Arbor Hospice, each patient’s pain management plan is tailored to maximize comfort and quality of life. In addition to traditional pain treatment options, such as medical intervention, Arbor Hospice offers a variety of alternative pain management therapies, including massage therapy, music therapy, and pet therapy.