Arbor Palliative Care helps return life to “normal.”

Normalcy. That’s what 70-year-old Mary wanted in her life, and it’s not something she achieved until she became an Arbor Palliative Care patient (now called NorthStar Palliative Care).

Suffering from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Mary desperately wanted to organize her apartment, go to the grocery store and have coffee with a friend. But her disease wouldn’t allow it.

“Mary was not satisfied with her quality of life,” said Marie, Arbor Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner. “She was almost always fatigued and experiencing a shortness of breath. Those symptoms severely limited her ability to do just about anything.”

That’s why Mary needed help. She found Arbor Palliative Care online and made the call herself.

“The first time I met with Mary, it was very apparent that she needed help controlling her symptoms and someone to talk to,” Marie said.

Within three days, Mary was organizing boxes in her living room. In 10 days she was shopping at Sam’s Club, and two weeks later, Mary was meeting her friend for coffee.

Arbor Palliative Care has coordinated the delivery of Mary’s medications and works closely with her physician as Mary’s condition changes. In addition to managing Mary’s medical care, Heys has been instrumental in connecting Mary to other community resources.

For Mary, Arbor Palliative Care has given her a life back. While she knows her condition will continue to change, Mary’s symptoms will be managed and she’ll have every opportunity to do the things she loves.